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LaserPecker 2 / LaserPecker 3 Batch Engraving Button – Black

Highlights Flexibility & Effectivity This button is used to do batch engraving, which means engraving the same image on the same material, you don't have to set the same settings in APP repeatedly. Convenience & Easy to Use Just attach this Batch Engraving Button to the LaserPecker 2/3 handle with a USB cable and then press the silver center of it to engrave in batches. Saving Your Time The power of batching allows work to be held as long as possible and maximizes the utilization of your engraver to avoid the risk of missing orders and reduce the associated costs when dealing with hundreds and sometimes thousands of small batch orders every day, helping you save more time.

NEJE 1150mm Y-Axis Extension Rod Kit for NEJE Max 4 / NEJE 3 Max V2

Highlights 1. This extension rod kit only Supports NEJE Max 4 & NEJE 3 Max V2 Laser Engraver.2. It can expand NEJE Max 4 working area to 750*1030mm, and expand NEJE 3 Max V2 working area to 790*1030mm.3. The large working area allows you to set more quantity at one time to achieve higher working efficiency.

ATOMSTACK AIC1 Auto Air Assist Control System, WiFi Offline Work, 32-bit Motherboard, for S30 Pro/S20 Pro/S10 Pro/A5 Series

Highlights M7 Automatic Control Air Assist Switch When using the AIC1 air assist control kit, you can use the Lightburn software M7 mode to automatically switch on and off the air assist according to the engraving or cutting, saving energy and enhancing the working life of the air assist. Safety Protection AIC1 controller with emergency stop and reset buttons can give you a safer working experience. You can also choose the touch control panel to achieve offline engraving. 32-bit High-Speed Motherboard The AIC1 Air Assist Kit is equipped with the latest Atomstack high-calculus motherboard, which boasts faster instruction processing speeds and can increase engraving productivity by up to 30%. WiFi Offline Work AIC1 motherboard with WiFi module, you can upgrade the WiFi offline control function. You can control the machine offline using the Atomstack mobile app. Easy Installation Quick installation in three minutes, and you do not need to open the control box wiring. You only need to replace the original power supply cable to install it successfully, and you can also avoid machine failure caused by the wrong installation. High Adaptability Atomstack Air Assist Control Kit can be adapted to all Atomstack frame laser engraving machines, such as A5 Pro/ A5 Pro+/A5 M50/ X7, X7 Pro/A10 Pro/S10 Pro, X20 Pro/ A20 Pro /S20 Pro, X30 Pro/ A30 Pro/ S30 Pro, etc. (requires the purchase of Lightburn software).