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Geeetech TG17 3D Printing Pen with PLA Filament, Printing ABS / PLA / PCL

Highlights Powerful 3D Printing Pen TG-17 is a high-end 3D printing pen that supports 3 kinds of filaments: ABS, PLA, and PCL. It covers commonly used 1.75mm filaments which supports high, middle, and low temperature. And has a wider range of filament support. Adjustable Printing Speed & Temperature The product supports real-time adjustment of printing speed and printing temperature, and printing will not be interrupted during the adjustment process, which brings you a smoother user experience; Smart Sleep Mode The product system adopts a safe design. If it is not used for 1 minute or continuously extrude for 8 minutes during use, the printing pen will automatically go to sleep mode. Clear LCD Screen, Replaceable Pen Tip The product uses an LCD screen to display printing information, allowing you to get the current working status of the printing pen more intuitively; This product adopts a replaceable pen tip design, and the printing pen can be disassembled and replaced without tools.

Creality CR Touch Auto Leveling Standard Kit for Most FDM 3D Printers, Electromagnetic Components + Photoelectric Sensor

Highlights Wide Compatibility Creality CR Touch Auto Leveling Standard Kit is compatible with most FDM 3D printers and most auto-leveling products. High-precision Electromagnetic Components + Photoelectric Sensor After the electromagnetic component is powered on, the probe is extended under the magnetic suction. When the probe touches the printing platform, the photoelectric sensor on the PCB board detects the contact signal, and the system records the current height of the platform. Multi-point Detection, Smart Compensation CR touch performs multi-point detection on the printing platform and records the height of each detection point. The system builds a virtual plane based on the height of each point and calculates the tilt angle between the nozzle and the platform to automatically compensates for different points.

Mintion Beagle V2 3D Printer Camera, 1080P Video Resolution, Manual Focus, WiFi Remote Control, Auto Time-Lapse Video, Electronic Zoom, Night Vision, Support PC Browser

Highlights Remote Printer Control Allows remote viewing and controlling of 3D printers, enabling users to pause prints in case of errors or failures, saving filament and time. With the Beagleprint, users can control the XYZ axis and extruder, also can make adjustments to printing parameters such as Z-offset, feed rate, flow rate, and temperature, and even change the fan speed during printing. Auto Generates Time-lapse Video The camera automatically generates time-lapse videos of FDM and LCD 3D printing in four modes - Clean, Normal, Timer, and UV, giving users a complete visual record of their prints. 1080P Video Resolution and Manual Focusing The Beagle Camera V2 features a 1080P video resolution and manual focus capability achieved by twisting the lens, ensuring true high-definition image quality. The camera also provides video settings for adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, allowing users to enhance their viewing experience and optimize time-lapse video quality. Electronic Zoom It also features electronic magnification, enabling users to view print details with enhanced clarity. Plug and Play Experience effortless plug-and-play configuration in just two minutes without any complex setup. Support 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi. Enjoying the camera is easy with just three simple steps: connect the cable to the printer and camera, download the "Beagleprint" app, and connect to WiFi. Extended Bluetooth Module The camera is equipped with an integrated Bluetooth module that allows for the expansion of smart modules such as the UV Sensor. UV sensor, which can create natural-looking timelapse videos for resin printing. Device Compatibility The camera supports APP and PC browsers (same LAN), enabling the easy upload of gcode files without manually plugging and unplugging the SD card on the 3D printer. Notification Feature The Beagleprint APP notifies users about printing completion, printing pause, and any printing abnormalities, keeping them informed and updated throughout the printing process. Night Vision The camera supports two-night vision modes - full-color and black & white - for better visibility in low light conditions while also saving power. Multi-device Management Beagleprint APP allows managing multiple cameras simultaneously, making it easier to monitor different locations. Real-time Video Preview The camera provides a high-definition, real-time video preview with sound and mirror function, and also supports full-screen mode. 3D Printer Compatibility Beagle Camera is compatible with most Marlin 3D printers, such as Creality, Anycubic, Artillery, Prusa, Snapmaker, Elegoo, etc. Firmware Updates The camera's firmware is updated regularly to support new features, which can be upgraded online.