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Gweike Cloud 50W Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver without Air Filter, Cut Transparent Acrylic, 0.02mm Positioning Precision, Wi-Fi Control, Panoramic Camera, Material Recognition, 510mm*300mm

Highlights Powerful Laser Engraver & CutterGweike Cloud is a professional desktop laser cutter engraver that features 50W laser power, 0.02mm positioning precision, a 5MP camera, and 510mmx300mm large processing area.HD 360 Degree Panoramic CameraEquipped with 5MP ultra-wide-angle camera, Gweike Cloud laser cutter and engraver has smart pattern extraction and CCD vision positioning functions. It can intelligently extract the pattern from the surface of any object and cut or engrave out the recognized pattern. And you can drag and drop to adjust the size and position of the patterns to easily determine the working range of the laser.Control SystemIt is designed with a cloud-based online control system, Windows/macOS PC-based (offline) control software, and supports Lightburn.Gweike Cloud provides a large number of official cases of patterns for users to download.Easy to InstallAfter opening the machine package, you only need to install the post-filter, connect the power supply, click the button, and then the machine can start working.Intelligent Material Recognition & Automatic Parameter SettingThe cloud-based online operating system, by recognizing the QR code on the material, can directly obtain the thickness and type of the processed material, thus automatically setting up the best focal length, speed, power, times of cuts, and other parameters for cutting or engraving that match the current material.Wide Material ApplicationGweike Cloud laser engraver can engrave and cut a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, slate, glass, and so much more.Safe for ChildrenThe fully enclosed structure is designed to give the best protection against accidental touch by children.