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ACMER C4 Laser Engraver Air Assist Kit, 30L/min Air Volume, Low Noise

Highlights High AirflowACMER C4 is equipped with a 30L/min high-flow airflow that can blow away the smoke and debris generated in the laser-cutting process. Cut FasterIt can help laser engraving machines cut faster and deeper, improving the cutting effect; At the same time, it can reduce the surface temperature of the cutting material to prevent deformation and discoloration due to high temperature. Wide CompatibilityACMER C4 is suitable for 95% of the engraving machines on the market, including ACMER, XTOOL, ATOMSTACK, NEJE, Ortur, SCULPFUN, TwoTrees, etc.

ATOMSTACk F30 Air Assist Kit, 10-30L/Min Adjustable Airflow

Highlights 10-30L/Min Adjustable Airflow Atomstack air assist kit, equipped with 10-30L/Min adjustable airflow air pump, can effectively remove the laser cutting or engraving in the process of smoke and dust, to prevent smoke and dust caused by the laser energy decay, to maintain the stability of the laser energy, so that your work to achieve the best results. Reduce Surface Temperature, Smoother Cutting Edge Powerful airflow can quickly reduce the temperature of the object surface when cutting or engraving, to prevent excessive burning, making the cutting edge cleaner and smoother. Low Noise The working process only produces 60dB of noise, similar to the volume of a household electric fan at work, giving you a quiet working environment. Easy to Use It is easy to install, five minutes can be installed, no need to buy additional accessories. The air assist kit is suitable for all Atomstack engraving machine models.