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FOSSiBOT 3 in 1 MC4 Solar Panel Connection Cable, Transfer to DC5521, XT90, and Anderson

Highlights 1. This MC4 charging cable can transfer to DC5521, XT90, and Anderson connector.2. It is a 3-in-1 solar charging cable that can fit most power stations.

OUKITEL MC4 Cable for Connect Micro-inverter with the BP2000, Connecting Solar Panels

Highlights With this cable, BP2000 stores the energy generated from solar panels during the day and converts it into alternating current via a microinverter to run home equipment.   Quick And Easy Installation The MC4 cable allows integrating BP2000 + B2000 or B2000 with your balcony photovoltaic system. It can be installed by non-professionals with no extra fee, fast and cost-efficient for residential installation.