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Lerdge Z2 3D Printer Mainboard Screen Kit

Highlights Resume Printing After Power FailureThe Lerdge-Z motherboard comes with the functions of printing pause, printing saving, and restarting printing after power-on. If you need the feature of saving the printing after an unexpected power failure, and the feature of shutting down after printing is completed, you need to equip the power monitoring module (included in the Kit). High-power HotbedThe heated bed with a power of no more than 150w can be connected directly to the motherboard. If the heated bed power is more than 150W, please use a high-power hotbed module (included in the Kit). Filament Run-out DetectionThe Lerdge Z motherboard can pause printing when the filament is run out and resume printing after the filament is loaded. In order to identify the signal, a filament detection sensor (included in the Kit) is needed. Automatic LevelingLerdge Z has a patented automatic leveling solution, the number of automatic leveling points can reach up to 1024 platform sampling points, which realize efficiently the adjustment of the platform and make the printing quality better. (Automatic leveling module not included) Wireless ConnectionThe Lerdge-Z motherboard defaults to offline printing (Use TF card or U disk printing). You can realize the wireless communication between the Lerdge K motherboard and the computer through serial and WiFi connection. At this time, an online module and WiFi module (included in the Kit) are needed. Temperature ControlThe Lerdge motherboard adopts PID temperature control to make the printing temperature more stable. External DriversFor large-size printers, if you need to connect external drivers to a large motor, such as 57 motor, 86 motor, etc., please purchase an external driver adapter module (not included in the kit). The motherboard itself is recommended to drive 42 motor.